Meet Our Team

Founded in 2018, Cascadia Rail is a nonprofit organization advocating for high speed rail in the Pacific Northwest.

Paige Malott

Paige has been an advocate and communications leader for public transportation projects for over 10 years. She co-founded Cascadia Rail to promote how innovative transportation solutions can connect people to new opportunity. Paige is a presenter on high speed rail and has spoken at conferences including APTA, Railvolution, USHSR Microsoft Summit, and ACEC British Columbia. By day, she is a strategy consultant who helps businesses build digital communications into their marketing plans.

Catherine Neill
Advocacy Director

Catherine is an urban planner working in the area of long-range, strategic planning. She joined Cascadia Rail because she is interested in the benefits of public transportation on cities and their communities. She is optimistic that the Pacific Northwest can be a leader in more equitable and sustainable transportation planning.

Oran Viriyincy
Map Designer

Oran is a transportation engineer who shares his passion for public transportation through compelling maps and visuals. He volunteered to design vision maps because he believes high quality transit and high speed rail will make his hometown and region an even nicer place to live for all people. His day job is designing products that help people find their way around cities for transit agencies across the United States.

Jon Cracolici
Outreach Director

Jon is that rare Seattle local who would really like to talk to you. Probably about high speed rail, and the amazing things it will do for our region. He has a passion for promoting transformative transportation projects, and was previously Outreach Director at Seattle Subway. For money, he is a geotechnical engineer working primarily on preparing Seattle’s buildings to withstand earthquakes.

Bella Lorenz
Communications Coordinator

Bella is a student at Seattle University working toward her degree in Environmental Studies, with a specialization in urban sustainability. Growing up in Chicago, experiencing the efficiency of public and commuter rail systems made her fall in love with trains and public transportation. She brought that love to Seattle where she now studies local communities’ role in transportation planning.

Ben Broesamle

Ben’s interest in high speed rail began after visiting Europe and seeing just how much better life could be with convenient travel options. He received his master’s degree from the College of Built Environments at the University of Washington in 2016 where he studied real estate and transportation. His day job is in institutional investment in commercial real estate.

John Calimente
Vancouver Chapter Lead

John works as a transportation planner for the District of West Vancouver in British Columbia. His experience living in Japan and riding its high speed rail network was the spark for his interest in transportation, particularly sustainable modes. His master’s thesis, Rail Integrated Communities in Tokyo, focused on high density, mixed-use, pedestrian-friendly developments around railway stations in the Tokyo area.

Alan McConchie
Bellingham Chapter Lead

Alan is a cartographer working at the intersection of data visualization and map design. Born and raised in Bellingham, Alan has lived and studied throughout the Cascadia corridor, finishing his undergraduate degree at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, and completing a MS in Geography at UBC in Vancouver, Canada. He is a strong believer that technology must be used wisely to make our cities and our region more equitable and sustainable.

Màtt Glazêwskí
Portland Chapter Lead

Matt has an environmental background, working at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for 9 years, and is committed to climate change solutions in the Cascadia region. Currently working in county government in Oregon and teaching community college science courses, Matt is also an avid transportation advocate. He believes that a better-connected Cascadia region will help unite what makes us great, and help usher in prosperity for the future.